44Cup Marstrand 2023


After the 44Cup Oman, the RC44 racing circus returns to Europe. With the 44Cup Marstrand on the paradisiacal island of Marstrand off the west coast of Sweden, the next regatta will take place at the most visited venue of the RC44 racing series. The Black Star Sailing Team made a detour to Portugal before this event to take part in the only regatta of the GC32 Racing Tour. The team around skipper Christian Zuerrer has hardly any time to train, and even less time to catch their breath. The starting signal for the first race of the 44Cup Marstrand will be given next Thursday. From 28 June to 2 July, the RC44 fleet will once again be welcomed in Marstrand by long-time 44Cup participant Torbjörn Törnqvist and his Artemis Racing Team. As always, the races will take place in the west of the island, where the moderate high seas between some neighbouring islands and the outgoing Swedish archipelago invite perfect turns. Thanks to its ideal location and also because of the picturesque backdrop of the fortress steeped in history and the picturesque harbour village, the island of Marstrand is something like the sailing centre of Sweden. Marstrand is the venue for regattas of many boat classes and attracts the best sailors in the world as well as a huge audience to spectacular competitions. Since 2011, Marstrand has repeatedly hosted the 44Cup. And the Black Star Sailing Team is also in Marstrand for the second time this year and, like the other teams, already feels quite at home there. Our Shore Team travelled straight to Marstrand after setting up our GC32 catamaran in Lagos and has since provided our RC44 yacht. This is quite an effort, especially for the Shore Team, but also for the whole Black Star Sailing Team. Accordingly, we are proud to be the only team currently sailing these two competition boat classes in parallel. And our excitement for the upcoming 44Cup Marstrand is correspondingly high.

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