44Cup Calero Marinas 2024


44Cup Calero Marinas 2024, 28 February – 3 March, Porto Calero, Lanzarote, Canary Island, Spain |

The first regatta of the RC44 class in the still young 2024 takes us back to Lanzarote. What has proven itself multiple times in past years will also be carried out this winter: The 44Cup begins at the same venue where the cup of the previous year ended. The teams only need to travel to get their yachts ready again – which makes a noticeable difference in the logistics of the participants as well as the organizers. 

But that’s not all. The marina of Porto Calero is a location that people like to return to. While Lanzarote may polarise holidaymakers with its sparse vegetation, Calero Marinas has a lot to offer water sports enthusiasts. The port facility was built around 40 years ago and has been well maintained ever since. In addition to the pleasant temperatures and excellent wind conditions, it’s also the location with its hospitable residents that leaves nothing to be desired for sailing enthusiasts and regatta participants. 

Once again, the cup responsibles, together with the local organizers, are providing many amenities for racing teams and regatta visitors, including food and drinks at the docks, creating plenty of opportunities for spontaneous meetings and pleasant moments around the event. 

Nestled in a sheltered bay, Calero Marinas is shielded from the North Atlantic and can therefore boast conditions that allow for a regatta week without interruptions and with a maximum number of starts. Accordingly, we are eagerly anticipating the first practice races. After a reshuffle in the racing team, we were not able to match our performance at the 44Cup Calero Marinas 2023 to that of the 44Cup in Gibraltar. Therefore, it was important for us to analyze all recordings and feedback from the last event in order to identify and address any deficiencies and inconsistencies. With the 44Cup Calero Marinas 2024, we now aim to move forward.

Additional information and all results can be found on the official RC44 regatta website. The recordings of the GPS tracking can be found on TracTrac. And in our 44Cup gallery you can see impressive photos of the racing action.