Take-off in the primal Switzerland


Actually the GC32 is not really new anymore. Nevertheless even die-hard sailors are “out of their minds” as soon as one of these foiling catamarans can be observed in full speed.

The appearance of the Black Star on Lake Lucerne was accordingly sensational. Our short announcement video was watched 6000 times within a short time. And after an already much noticed assembly of the boat in Brunnen, our test runs attracted so much attention that the last places on our planned guest sailing tours were quickly booked up. Among others, we were also able to welcome representatives of the local press on board. This was rewarded with articles in newspapers and the publication of a great video. 

Our guest sailing on the Lake of Uri, which was also our restart into the 2020 season, generated a huge response. For a good three weeks we made the hearts of our partners, patrons and guests beat faster on the Lake of Uri. For all our passengers, the adventure on the Black Star was more than just a welcome change.

Out-flight with our partners

The Black Star guest sailing between 21 June and 7 July on the Lake of Uri was not only a great success with the audience. Like last year on Lake Zurich, we were able to welcome partners and sponsors on board again this season.

Our guests included the team of our main sponsor moyreal, followed by our partner sponsor Sport Food and other companies who supported us in the form of a team event.

The weather and the Lake of Uri mostly showed themselves from their best side. Sailing, but above all “flying” on green water covered with whitecaps, along steep rock faces, framed by breathtaking mountain panoramas, provided unforgettable moments for our guests, and for us as well. Then a group photo at the Schillerstein, and past the Rütli on to Flüelen. Back from Flüelen, past the Tell’s Chapel – that was high-tech sailing amidst Swiss history.

Spectators on the shore, inhabitants of Brunnen, Sisikon and Bauen, walkers and guests in the lakeside restaurants were consistently fascinated and thrilled by our GC32 catamaran and the amazing speed that can be achieved when foiling. Photos and videos, which were distributed by our guests on different social media, did their part – many interested people spontaneously contacted us and so we were able to hold several “private” events and offer our fan articles. We were very pleased with all this.  To be able to share our passion with other people is simply wonderful.

Photo credits: Photos 1 – 6 different authors; Photos 7 – 13 © Bote der Urschweiz (Geri Holdener 2020)