44Cup Marstrand


29 June – 3 July 2022: With the 44Cup Marstrand we are heading for our second regatta in the RC44 boat class. After our baptism of fire at the 44Cup Cascais, we have examined our performance and are now trying to improve our procedures and technique. A special challenge is certainly that the GC32 class and the RC44 class could not be more different. But that’s exactly the attraction for us: while a lot of the handling and procedures have to be worked out completely from scratch, we can still generate a lot of mutual learning. In the end, however, everything simply takes time. Accordingly, we start in Marstrand patiently and at the same time expectantly and hope to continue to profit from our regattas with the GC32, as well as from our crew members with RC44 backgrounds.

In the west between the outgoing Swedish archipelago and the open sea lies the island of Marstrand. Due to its unique location, Marstrand is undoubtedly the sailing capital of Sweden and attracts the best sailors of different classes as well as a huge audience for spectacular competitions. Since 2011, Marstrand has hosted an annual RC44 class event practically without interruption. The organisers and the teams of the 44Cup feel correspondingly at home here. And the Black Star Sailing Team is looking forward to this regatta with great excitement.

After our GC32 catamaran was prepared in Lagos, our Shore Team immediately travelled to Marstrand and is now preparing the yacht and everything necessary for the 44Cup regatta. This is a great effort, especially for our boat builders. We are all the more proud to be the only team currently sailing these two boat classes in parallel in competition series.

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