GC32 Riva


Finally, the time has come: With the GC32 Riva Cup, we are facing the first regatta of the GC32 Racing Tour season 2022. And with it, we are facing the question: Can we continue our form of the past season and benefit from our experience as a well-coordinated team? An intensive winter training with other GC32 teams in Lagos gives us reason to hope that we will be able to sail among the front runners at the opening event of the flying catamarans.

With Riva del Garda, a venue awaits us that we already know very well. Due to its location, Lake Garda is known and very popular for its often strong but constant winds, while the inland waters have relatively low swell. This is one of the reasons why Riva has become a Mecca for sailors and water sports enthusiasts.

Another reason is that northern Italy always comes up with many amenities. The Black Star Sailing Team travels directly from the 44Cup Cascais in Portugal and is looking forward to the first competition event on our foiling catamaran.

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