44Cup Baiona 2024


44Cup Baiona 2024, 8 – 12 May, Baiona, Galicia, Spain |

The 2024 season is fast approaching. With spring, warm temperatures and sailing weather are returning to our latitudes. The next regatta in the RC44 calendar is already taking place much further north than the start event on Lanzarote. With the 44Cup Baiona, however, the tour is staying in Spain again for its second event of the year – away from an island and onto the mainland.

The harbor town of Baiona is historically far more important than its 13,000 inhabitants would suggest. Its advanced location in front of the port city of Vigo gave it important strategic significance for centuries. As a busy trading center, the port was protected by a mighty fortress, the Castelo de Monte Real. Today, the castle houses a luxury hotel, underlining Baiona’s new role as a tourist attraction. Located below Santiago de Compostela, Baiona is a destination for vacationers looking for a place by the sea in sun-drenched Galicia. Galicia is famous for its seafood and white wines. However, Baiona gained a place in the history books thanks to the event in 1493, when the caravel La Pinta landed, bringing news of the discovery of America to the Old World.

Baiona faces the Atlantic, but is shielded from the stormy sea behind Cabo Silleiro and the Fortaleza De Monterreal peninsula. Nevertheless, the usual northerly wind blows on the Atlantic coast, but it moderates in the Ria de Baiona bay, which is why we can hope for a more balanced regatta week. Lanzarote was a wild start to the 2024 regatta season, in which we were able to gain a lot of experience in strong winds and high swell. The Black Star Sailing Team is now even better prepared for extreme conditions, which is why we are looking forward to the upcoming regattas with great expectation. As the 44Cup is being held in Baiona for the first time, this destination is also new to the Black Star Sailing Team. The conditions will probably be comparable to Cascais or Lagos. And yet each location is unique and a challenge in itself.

For the 44Cup Baiona, we have set ourselves the goal of continuing to improve and working even better as a team on the water. After all, we have already achieved a lot and our development has been consistently positive. But our competitors are also constantly improving and the road to the top remains long and demanding.

We will keep you posted directly on the 44Cup Tour website via GPS tracker and live chats or via TracTrac.com or the TracTrac mobile app.