Regatta 1 + 2: GC32 Lagos Cup (I / II)


GC32 Lagos Cup I: 30 JUNE – 4 JULY 2021

The GC32 Racing Tour opens the 2021 racing season in Portugal. At 1 p.m. sharp (local time) we will start in Lagos with probably five other teams and fight in a total of four days for the first of the planned four GC32 Racing Tour titles.
With the bay off Lagos, we can expect excellent conditions that allow foiling at the limits, which makes the fight for centimeters really exciting. Already in the heyday of Portugal as a seafaring nation very appreciated as a starting point for shipping, the port above the Capo de São Vicente is currently experiencing a new boom. Because of its sheltered location right at the gates of the Atlantic Ocean, it is the venue for more and more regattas. In 2019, for example, the GC32 World Championship was held in Lagos. We have fond memories of this one, which is why we are happy to return to Lagos again – not least because we are well prepared.
The excellent conditions are one reason. The corona-related travel difficulties that still prevail are the other reason why the GC32 Racing Tour Management has decided to stay in Lagos for the following, second event of the 2021 race series. 
All the more we hope that Lagos will be a good start for us in season 21. We will keep you updated.

GC32 Lagos Cup II: 28 JULY – 1 AUGUST 2021

The start of the GC32 Racing Tour 2021 in Portugal at the end of June was a complete success. Spread over four days, six teams competed to the limit to finally crown a best of the best again after a break of more than 18 months. Read our report under the news.

At the end of July, the time has already come again: The GC32 Racing Tour starts for the second regatta of this season. And this again in Lagos, where we will probably fight again against five teams in four days for the second of the planned four GC32 Racing Tour titles.
Holding two regattas in a row in Lagos is, of course, practical due to the pandemic circumstances. But not only. As the first regatta showed, the bay off Lagos offers ideal conditions for foiling competitions at the limit. But above all, the local race organisers are experienced hosts who will provide the race teams with everything they need. Our excitement is correspondingly great. And the hope of being able to continue our form of the first GC32 Lagos Cup.