Cancelled: GC32 Oman Cup, Muscat, Oman




On 7 March 2020, the Omani Ministry of Health issued a directive calling for the suspension or postponement of all international events and conferences within the Sultanate until further notice.

As a result, the GC32 Oman Cup organiser Oman Sail and the organisers of the GC32 Racing Tour decided that it was in everyone’s interest to cancel the start of the six teams, which was scheduled for Wednesday 25 March.

The GC32 Racing Tour will start in 2020 where it ended in the old year. With the GC32 Oman Cup not only the first regatta will take place under optimal conditions. Muscat also shows its sunny side during the winter months. While in our latitudes there is hardly any training to think about, the sun of the Orient comes up with temperatures close to the pain threshold.
It is obvious that most of the teams stored their boats in Oman just like we did, in order to start the new season with training right at the venue of the first regatta.

The starting signal for the first regatta will be given on Wednesday, 25 March at 13:00 (local time).
Then we will see if the field of participants is as strong as last season. Then we will see if the favourites can continue their performance of last year. And then it will show if the Black Star Sailing Team will continue its upward trend.
Because over the five regattas of the ’19 season we were able to improve continuously. What didn’t pay off in the final result, manifested itself in the individual races: Our performance became more and more constant, our boat faster and faster, manoeuvres could be optimised again and more and more duels we were able to win.

Muscat will continue to give the GC32 Racing Tour a warm welcome in 2020. We already experienced last year that Oman is known for its proverbial hospitality. Even if some things were perhaps a bit unusual, we didn’t miss anything.

Muscat’s newly built Al Mouj district with its beautiful promenade, shopping malls, restaurants and cafés is not only inviting for a stroll. Al Mouj also expects sailors and water sports enthusiasts from all over the world with a modern harbour and excellent wind and water conditions.

The GC32 Racing Tour will once again be staying at the Marina Al Mouj in the heart of Muscat and is looking forward to an equally glittering opening of the 2020 season.

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