44Cup World Championship, Portorož

12 – 16 October 2022: After a long summer break the Black Star Sailing Team is back on the water. We are expected first in Slovenia for the world championship of the RC44 boat class.

This is not the first time that the 44Cup race series has visited Slovenia. But the fact that the RC44 class is now inviting to the world championship in Portorož is due to the fact that last year’s winners CEEREF are sailing under the Slovenian flag and want to defend the title in 2022 in domestic waters.

Portorož is located in a bay on the Adriatic Sea at the lower end of the Gulf of Trieste. As a small port town, Portorož was of little importance and gained a certain reputation mainly as a health resort with thermal and brine baths. The town’s image is also marked by this touristic past, while the marina is well developed and therefore perfectly suited for hosting a sailing regatta.

For Black Star Sailing the wait is finally over. With #27, the team was recently able to launch its own RC44 yacht. Together with the newly set up technical hub, the yacht is now on its way to Portorož, where it will be prepared by the shore team for further water tests and extensive training. 

After the first two rather mediocre regattas on a chartered boat, expectations are naturally high. Although strictly supervised as a one-design, each yacht is individual enough to take on much personality beyond the myriad adjustments to keel and rigging. At least, the first extensive sailings on the #27 are generating enthusiasm and optimism among the team.

Follow the races of the first 44Cup World Championship of the Black Star Sailing Team on the GPS tracker recordings.